Different Types Of Cremation Urns

Cremation There are several reasons why cremation is fast becoming the most popular method of burial. Some choose to be cremated rather than the traditional entombment burial because it’s cheaper and easier to maintain an urn of ashes than a small plot of land in the cemetery. An urn of ashes is smaller and could be stored and maintained with minimal effort. Though there are those who still choose to be entombed after being cremated, the space where the urn would be interred is smaller (a place where many urns are publicly kept and stored is called a columbarium).

More and more people are favoring the creative ways that a person’s ashes could be used or the type of urn that it could be kept in. The demand for different types of urns have been growing over the last few years and manufacturers have begun to realize that different designs attract different types of customers.

Some examples of different urn designs for use after cremation are:

• Keepsake Urn
The keepsake urn is smaller than the regular sized urns because it contains a smaller portions of the deceased’s ashes. This is because after cremation, the deceased’s ashes are divided among loved ones. Sometimes, a keepsake urn is used so that a loved one can keep only a portion of the ashes while the rest are scattered somewhere else. These types of urns come in different styles and are made of different materials. Visit here www.gentrygriffey.com website for more information about cremation.

• Biodegradable urn
There are many people who would prefer to go back to the earth when they die. And so, they choose to be cremated and their remains buried inside a biodegradable urn. These types of urns are made of non-toxic or organic materials such as compost, earthenware, and newspaper. Overtime, the material will decompose, mixing the deceased’s ashes with the earth.

• Companion urns
Companion urns are usually used to store the ashes of two individuals so that they can be together in death as they were in life. The piece could be made up of two vessels to store the ashes after cremation, or have two compartments for the ashes of the couple.

• Photo urn
This type of urn not only contains the ashes of the deceased, but also has the photo of the deceased in front. At a glance, the urn just looks like an ordinary picture frame, but there is a secret compartment in the frame where the ashes are stored. Some people take it a step further and have the picture of the deceased engraved rather than just having a simple photo frame with his picture on the surface.

• Themed urns
Some people want to be remembered for a particular hobby they like to do, and so they would wish to be kept in a themed urn. Themed urns could come in a variety of styles and shapes, all to commemorate the deceased’s interests. Some urns could depict art of sports, while others could depict the deceased’s love for business and entrepreneurship. This type of urn is good if the deceased’s family members want others to see what kind of person he was in life.

• Religious urn
A deeply religious or spiritual person could choose to have their ashes be kept in a religion-themed urn. The style of the urn and the material could differ based on his religious beliefs and could go from simple to ornate. Religious urns could take on the form of bibles, the yin-yang, and so much more.

• Art urn
CremationPerhaps the most expensive type of urn, an art urn is a very ornate piece that could be made of different types of materials. These urns are usually handmade by artisans, with their complexity reflecting on the deceased’s taste and instructions. The most common materials used to create an art urn are glass, ceramics, or metals such as bronze and silver. These, in turn, could be embellished with gems, paintings, and filigree.

Aside from these types of urns, there are many more on the market today. Almost any material could be used to make an urn, it just all depends on the last wishes of the deceased or their loved ones. The cost could vary, with the cheapest being the biodegradable urns (as they could be made out of cheap material that erodes over time) and the most expensive perhaps being the art urn. If the deceased’s family really wants to keep the spirit of their loved one alive, then perhaps one of these urn types will be perfect to store his ashes.