How to Personalize Custom Lanyards

Lanyards may be customized according to your needs and preferences, whether you are doing it for yourself or having it done for school or office. In the event that there are no existing designs yet and you have been given the option to create the design, here are some ways of making the most of that responsibility:

Pick a color

lanyard It is easier if you are doing it for yourself, somewhat to boost your sense of personality or to have some fun through dangling accessories. You can simply pick the color that you want for your personalized lanyard. Most of the times, however, a lanyard is designed for a school, a company, or an organization. In all of these cases, you have to consider the color that best represents the company. If the company already has a logo, symbolic colors, and branding as a whole, then you do not really need to look any further. Stick with those company colors.

Decide on a width

Why do you need custom lanyards, anyway? Is it going to be used for an office ID, hold a mobile phone, or work as an accessory? Will the owners of the ID be using their lanyard beyond the office or school setting? How big is the ID itself and what material is it made of? These questions, when answered, may decide the ideal width for the lanyards. You may want to obtain a sample of all of the possible widths that the seller is offering. See just how sturdy each of those varying widths are and pick the one that you like best.

Select from existing styles

It is possible, to end up liking an existing style especially if you are picking custom lanyards for personal use. Request to see the brochure of options and zero in on a few styles. You can further single out the style that you want by having the samples of the shortlisted styles brought out to you. While brochures show a good likeness of the lanyard, a sample would be a better representation especially since you can check the texture and inspect the design up close. These aren’t exactly custom lanyards, but existing styles can be a good start. Just add details if necessary.

Request an emblem

An emblem or a logo would really make custom lanyards feel fresh, original and branded. You may request to have an existing logo printed on the lanyard. If, on the other hand, you do not have a design yet then you could request someone to draw a sketch of the logo based on the company. Show the logo or emblem at the lanyard seller to see if it can be done.

Canvass for the right price

lanyardsOne of the most important parts of making the most out of your lanyard customization experience is to know just how much it would cost. Do not go to a place just because it is the nearest or the first thing that popped into your head. Make a list of possible lanyard sellers and manufacturers. Call them first to have a little bit of an idea about the prices and styles, whatever information that they are willing to give over the phone. Check if you or your company could afford to have lanyards customized with each of the sellers. By conducting research, you may be able to land great deals.

Having lanyards customized is pretty common. The personalized look, however, should not be common at all because it should be able to represent and define your company or yourself. So, use the above tips to make the most of your lanyard customization.