How To Develop Great Google Friendly Content

How To Develop Great Search Engine Friendly Content

If great content is one of Google’s biggest and most important yardsticks for measuring the relevance of a website for particular keywords and/or keyword phrases, then it logically follows that businesses should be paying more attention to their content nowadays, more so than ever before.

Because in the final analysis, even musty-looking websites that don’t have all the bells and whistles but offer great, evergreen content, will eventually win Google over. Here’s why.

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What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is content that can withstand the test of time, and will be useful to people after more than a few years of being posted online.

Some great examples of evergreen content are health articles on sites like WebMD, that are only updated from time to time but remain relevant for the most part, year after year. It’s challenging to produce evergreen content because it takes time and lots of research to create truly useful content for users.

Of course, there would be niches that have fast-paced content needs – technology, mobile phones, PC software – these are niches that have speedier content turnover times and replenishment with new content is common.

In fact, websites like Engadget that deal with mobile phones and other devices publish new content on a daily basis. But these are special cases; you can create focused content that will naturally attract organic traffic for months and potentially, years.

Years ago before the tight focus on quality content, Google used to check out the following elements on a page specifically to rank whether the content was ‘relevant’ for search terms or not: H1 tag, H2 tag, metadescription, metatitle, image alt text, etc.

Granted, these elements are still primary identifiers of content and multimedia, but they no longer dictate the relevance of a website solely according to SEOExplode. Rather, Google’s RankBrain takes them into consideration and then moves on to analyzing other signals that measure the potential relevance of new page content to specific search terms.

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The Keys To Great Content Are…

Coming right down to it, Google appears to be rewarding websites that have comprehensive and in-depth content. Three things come to mind when you want to create this type of content:

  • A relevant topic and engaging title.
  • Appropriate length of the content.
  • Finding good sources for your content.

The first one is both easy and difficult. If you are already familiar with your market, you already have an advantage as you will already know what type of content will interest readers the most.

The second advantage would be the fact that you also know how to communicate with your audience effectively and guide them to taking action within the website. Because we don’t want organic traffic to just be organic traffic, we want it to convert – ultimately, the purpose for all your efforts is for people to obtain a product or service that you are offering.

Second, let’s talk about the content. Since Google wants content producers to provide more useful and comprehensive content to the public, that means content has to be longer than the usual five hundred or six hundred words. According to current metrics of top ranked content appearing on Google searches, the ideal length for comprehensive content is 1,800-2,000 words per piece.

Longer articles or blog posts tend to outrank shorter ones on Google, as per current studies. Comprehensive articles can’t be faked and duplicated content won’t get you any of Google’s love at all.

Say No To Black Hat SEO

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In fact, whenever Google detects duplicate content and blackhat SEO methods on a website, that website is punished for several months, until the website is re-evaluated by the search engine once again. So there’s definitely no easy way to get a top-ranked website on Google, but at the same time, trying to cheat your way to the top will be fruitless.

In one interview, Google’s Matt Cutts explained it quite succinctly: they’re penalizing websites that don’t follow the rules of better usability by preventing them from being seen on the search engine.

No visibility on the giant search engine means no profit, and to businesses online nothing could be worse than not making any more for your efforts. According to Cutts, this would be the best deterrent for people who are not following the current guidelines for better Web experiences that are specifically meted out to make it easier for users to find the information they need online.

The third element, finding good sources, is actually showing Google that your are doing your homework when creating content. Linking back to an authoritative website probably won’t do you any harm, and might even boost the authoritativeness of your article or blog post a bit. But this has to be done regularly.

If you post less than once a month, don’t expect miracles to occur. Again, this is a war for who has the best content. Good content volume means a website is active and is constantly interacting with its audience, as the audience will be the source of possible interesting topics to read.

Also, don’t forget that content does not have to be limited to textual content. You will get even better results when you add photos and videos. Exclusive videos that you’ve made yourself definitely have powerful branding implications and will show your readers that you are passionate and serious about the topics you are discussing with them.

Creating inforgraphics is also an awesome way to summarize information in a long article, and will give people the information they might need at a glanace.

Infographics can also be shared easily via social media through sharing plug-ins, so you can be sure that if someone does share your content, the infographic will be up there where it’s needed the most – on the headline of the shared content, inviting people to visit your website to read the entire content that they need. This is extremely important if you want more people to naturally be curious about your website.


Speakers Many companies nowadays are leaning more and more to motivational speakers to help them bring passion back into their employees’ professional lives.

The success of any organization or business will always depend on its people’s drive to strive and achieve the company’s goals and visions. If this drive is lacking in some capacity, the organization will struggle and failure is probable. As people become settled in their jobs and respective positions, there is a tendency for them to be complacent and lose motivation.

Work becomes a routine and outputs tend to be mediocre. At this point, they need a motivational speaker. They need someone to inspire them. They need someone that would ignite the passion they’ve felt a long time ago towards work and excellence.

The Top Motivational Speakers is a trained individual who has the ability to inspire, empower, encourage and steer people towards achieving certain goals. He is a great source of practical knowledge and motivation. He can help companies translate and effectively communicate to their employees their goals and visions. Uniting the company’s goals with an employee’s personal goals is a challenging task and a good speaker will be able to achieve that by using effective methods of encouragement and empowerment.

  • They are a source of inspiration. The ability to inspire, motivate and create a spark of enthusiasm and passion is the first thing that sets them apart from regular speakers. They have a talent for jolting people to move and sprang into action.
  • It is either a gift or a skill acquired over time. Either way, they’ve got the power to motivate people to move towards a common goal while at the same time, enriching their lives by also achieving their personal goals.
  • They are the experts. Before they deliver a talk, they would have already made themselves subject matter experts of the topic. Most of them share the knowledge they’ve acquired through time. It is wisdom that comes from a pool that is composed of various life experiences.
  • They are a fresh pair of eyes. These speakers are not part of the organization or company. Though they may try to relate to their audience, they are no doubt looking at the issue from an outsider’s perspective. This gives them the liberty to offer insights in the most objective way possible.
  • They have nothing to gain and nothing to lose. They are a very useful source of fair and unbiased opinion and fresh ideas. Sometimes, all it takes is a different perspective to put everything back in focus.

Every group, business, organization, and company needs someone who can communicate effectively to their employees their goals. A staff from Human Resources might be able to reach to an employee or two but it takes something more than one-on-ones to encourage a huge group of people to strive for a common goal without sacrificing their own personal goals.


They need someone who can no just talk but also guide them towards those goals. Companies need someone who can be a mentor, a friend, an ally and a champion for their employees.

They need a good motivational speaker:
  • Someone who inspires success and talks about how to achieve success. His stories are not just tales of heroism and triumph. He must also give practical tips on how his audience can be heroes and champions in their own rights.
  • He must have the ability to talk about the company’s goals and visions yet at the same time, also focuses on the individual’s hopes and dreams. He must have that skill to promote self-motivation which in turn can drive and unite the whole group into achieving a common goal.
  • He must be a motivational speaker who will not only work on planting the seed of motivation but also looks forward to nurturing that and seeing that grow into something more.

Callaway Golf Clubs

Callaway golf offers a wide variety of clubs depending on your skill level and preference. Each golf club is optimized with the best loft, lie, shaft and grip to help deliver precision and accuracy, and improve the overall performance of the game. From drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, to iron/combo sets and wedges, you have various options to choose from.

Callaway Golf

When it comes to drivers, or 1-wood, which are the least lofted and not recommended for beginners as they are the toughest club to master, the Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver offers the benefit of maximum distance from low spin and forgiveness as well as excellent adjustability of the bias, loft and lie angle configurations. On the other hand, the Big Bertha V series Driver is equipped with a speed optimized technology and OptiFit technology to help deliver higher balls speeds and maximum performance. In contrast, the all titanium driver X2 Hot Pro Driver offers faster ball speeds and an improved head shape construction. It was also awarded Gold Medal in the 2014 Gold Digest Hot List.

Fairway woods, on the other hand, are shorter and have smaller heads compared to drivers, which is why they are highly recommended for beginners.

There are five different kinds of fairway woods that Callaway Golf offers. They are Big Bertha V Series Fairway Wood, Big Bertha Fairway Wood, X2 Hot Fairway Wood, X2 Hot Deep Fairway Wood and the X2 Hot Pro Fairway Wood.

If looking for hybrids, Callaway has the Big Bertha Hybrid, X2 Hot Hybrid, X2 Hot Pro Hybrid, Edge Hybrid, Apex Utility Hybrid and X Utility Prototype Hybrid to choose from. The Big Bertha Hybrid is very versatile and easy to launch, and also features a Hyper Speed Face Cup to speed up both center and off-center hits. The Edge Hybrid has an offset hosel design, high MOI and lower leading edge, making the launch higher, farther and straighter.The X2 Hot Hybrid is designed with a new Tour inspired shape that enhances turf interaction and increases playability and accuracy from all types of lies. It also has Ultralite graphite shaft that help increase launch angles.

Callaway-golfThere are also iron/combo sets from Callaway Golf. They include the Big Bertha, Apex, Apex Pro, Apex Utility, Apex Muscleback, X2 Hot, X2 Hot Pro, X Utility Prototype and Edge Irons. Apex Irons are forged with carbon steel body to deliver excellent responsiveness. They have tungsten sole inserts to maximize forgiveness and increase launch angles in addition to lowering the center of gravity. The X2 Hot Pro features a thinner hot face to increase ball speed and a central mass bar for an enhanced feel and higher MOI. The Big Bertha Iron comes with a 360 Face Cup Technology and Internal Standing Wave for maximum distance and forgiveness. In contrast, the Apex Utility irons have excellent technology to deliver forged precision with performance, playability and forgiveness, which are great alternative to hybrids or long irons.

Wedges are also a popular choice among golfers –

From Callaway, there’s Mack Daddy 2 Tour Grind Chrome, Mack Daddy 2 Tour Grind Slate, Mack Daddy 2 Chrome, and Mack Daddy 2 Slate. Equipped with the laser milled micro grooves, the Mack Daddy 2 Tour Grind Chrome has an increased surface roughness, resulting in a better control and precision, and more spins. On the other hand, the Mack Daddy 2 chrome has a combined Tour feedback, feel and aggressive grooves for a club with unparalleled scoring ability. Its grooves which are 39% larger create 25% more spin on shots that are hit out of the rough.

Overall, Callaway golf clubs offers variety in style, performance, and the latest technology to suit the needs of all golfers for their maximum enjoyment of the sport.

Different Types Of Cremation Urns

Cremation There are several reasons why cremation is fast becoming the most popular method of burial. Some choose to be cremated rather than the traditional entombment burial because it’s cheaper and easier to maintain an urn of ashes than a small plot of land in the cemetery. An urn of ashes is smaller and could be stored and maintained with minimal effort. Though there are those who still choose to be entombed after being cremated, the space where the urn would be interred is smaller (a place where many urns are publicly kept and stored is called a columbarium).

More and more people are favoring the creative ways that a person’s ashes could be used or the type of urn that it could be kept in. The demand for different types of urns have been growing over the last few years and manufacturers have begun to realize that different designs attract different types of customers.

Some examples of different urn designs for use after cremation are:

• Keepsake Urn
The keepsake urn is smaller than the regular sized urns because it contains a smaller portions of the deceased’s ashes. This is because after cremation, the deceased’s ashes are divided among loved ones. Sometimes, a keepsake urn is used so that a loved one can keep only a portion of the ashes while the rest are scattered somewhere else. These types of urns come in different styles and are made of different materials. Visit here website for more information about cremation.

• Biodegradable urn
There are many people who would prefer to go back to the earth when they die. And so, they choose to be cremated and their remains buried inside a biodegradable urn. These types of urns are made of non-toxic or organic materials such as compost, earthenware, and newspaper. Overtime, the material will decompose, mixing the deceased’s ashes with the earth.

• Companion urns
Companion urns are usually used to store the ashes of two individuals so that they can be together in death as they were in life. The piece could be made up of two vessels to store the ashes after cremation, or have two compartments for the ashes of the couple.

• Photo urn
This type of urn not only contains the ashes of the deceased, but also has the photo of the deceased in front. At a glance, the urn just looks like an ordinary picture frame, but there is a secret compartment in the frame where the ashes are stored. Some people take it a step further and have the picture of the deceased engraved rather than just having a simple photo frame with his picture on the surface.

• Themed urns
Some people want to be remembered for a particular hobby they like to do, and so they would wish to be kept in a themed urn. Themed urns could come in a variety of styles and shapes, all to commemorate the deceased’s interests. Some urns could depict art of sports, while others could depict the deceased’s love for business and entrepreneurship. This type of urn is good if the deceased’s family members want others to see what kind of person he was in life.

• Religious urn
A deeply religious or spiritual person could choose to have their ashes be kept in a religion-themed urn. The style of the urn and the material could differ based on his religious beliefs and could go from simple to ornate. Religious urns could take on the form of bibles, the yin-yang, and so much more.

• Art urn
CremationPerhaps the most expensive type of urn, an art urn is a very ornate piece that could be made of different types of materials. These urns are usually handmade by artisans, with their complexity reflecting on the deceased’s taste and instructions. The most common materials used to create an art urn are glass, ceramics, or metals such as bronze and silver. These, in turn, could be embellished with gems, paintings, and filigree.

Aside from these types of urns, there are many more on the market today. Almost any material could be used to make an urn, it just all depends on the last wishes of the deceased or their loved ones. The cost could vary, with the cheapest being the biodegradable urns (as they could be made out of cheap material that erodes over time) and the most expensive perhaps being the art urn. If the deceased’s family really wants to keep the spirit of their loved one alive, then perhaps one of these urn types will be perfect to store his ashes.

How to Personalize Custom Lanyards

Lanyards may be customized according to your needs and preferences, whether you are doing it for yourself or having it done for school or office. In the event that there are no existing designs yet and you have been given the option to create the design, here are some ways of making the most of that responsibility:

Pick a color

lanyard It is easier if you are doing it for yourself, somewhat to boost your sense of personality or to have some fun through dangling accessories. You can simply pick the color that you want for your personalized lanyard. Most of the times, however, a lanyard is designed for a school, a company, or an organization. In all of these cases, you have to consider the color that best represents the company. If the company already has a logo, symbolic colors, and branding as a whole, then you do not really need to look any further. Stick with those company colors.

Decide on a width

Why do you need custom lanyards, anyway? Is it going to be used for an office ID, hold a mobile phone, or work as an accessory? Will the owners of the ID be using their lanyard beyond the office or school setting? How big is the ID itself and what material is it made of? These questions, when answered, may decide the ideal width for the lanyards. You may want to obtain a sample of all of the possible widths that the seller is offering. See just how sturdy each of those varying widths are and pick the one that you like best.

Select from existing styles

It is possible, to end up liking an existing style especially if you are picking custom lanyards for personal use. Request to see the brochure of options and zero in on a few styles. You can further single out the style that you want by having the samples of the shortlisted styles brought out to you. While brochures show a good likeness of the lanyard, a sample would be a better representation especially since you can check the texture and inspect the design up close. These aren’t exactly custom lanyards, but existing styles can be a good start. Just add details if necessary.

Request an emblem

An emblem or a logo would really make custom lanyards feel fresh, original and branded. You may request to have an existing logo printed on the lanyard. If, on the other hand, you do not have a design yet then you could request someone to draw a sketch of the logo based on the company. Show the logo or emblem at the lanyard seller to see if it can be done.

Canvass for the right price

lanyardsOne of the most important parts of making the most out of your lanyard customization experience is to know just how much it would cost. Do not go to a place just because it is the nearest or the first thing that popped into your head. Make a list of possible lanyard sellers and manufacturers. Call them first to have a little bit of an idea about the prices and styles, whatever information that they are willing to give over the phone. Check if you or your company could afford to have lanyards customized with each of the sellers. By conducting research, you may be able to land great deals.

Having lanyards customized is pretty common. The personalized look, however, should not be common at all because it should be able to represent and define your company or yourself. So, use the above tips to make the most of your lanyard customization.